Q & A
Distribution Channels
What are LKM's main distribution channels?
  • Domestic customers may contact our sales department for quotation, or place orders directly using LKM B2B. International customers please contact LKM Overseas Sales Department (lkmsales@lkm.com.hk).
I come across a third party claiming to supply LKM products, is this party trustworthy?
  • Except for South Korea region, LKM does not have any authorized resellers. LKM will not guarantee the authenticity nor the quality of products sold by third parties, as such products are likely to be fake.
Can I order LKM standard mould base online?
  • LKM B2B Online Sales Platform is now available for domestic customers in China.
Does LKM provide credit terms to first time customers?
  • As a general rule, LKM does not provide credit terms to customers, except in unusual circumstances.
Can LKM ship products to Hong Kong?
  • This is possible, as long as the order is placed with our Hong Kong office.